The story of VSBE reverberates at its finest at state-of-the art manufacturing complexes, each with equipment imported from the finest companies in the world. Names like Breton, ISM SRL, PROMETEC, SIMEC and Gaspari Menotti to name just a few. They are to granite what Versace and Armani are to fashion and more. Because granite is where art and science truly meet. Come watch spellbound as batteries of precision gang saws slice their way through the most obstinate granite. Next, electro-mechanical arms like giant robots transfer the slabs to fully computer-controlled high speed polishing lines that unmask and reveal the magic of our granite in shimmering detail.

At VSBE, technology ensures that you get precisely the product you want, with unmatched speed and efficiency. Round the clock, three shifts a day, 365 days of the year. But machines are not everything. Indeed at VSBE we believe that it is people who make the decisive difference. Which is why, we invest in people, in training, in welfare, in the environment. In an ethos that ensures non-stop quality control. Our client list reads like a who’s who of industry. We supply blocks, slabs, tiles, polished, flamed, sand blasted or brushed; plus a range of custom-fabricated granite artifacts.

Rich, colorful, textured and diverse beyond compare. From the depths of the earth, with extreme sensitivity, we extract the world's finest natural granite. Then we cut, shape, process and polish it with tender loving care. All in a state of the art manufacturing complex that has few equals in the world we call it tough love.